At Little Preschool, we want to raise children with the X-Factor, ready to take on the 21st century world.

Our approach allows our children to eXperience, eXplore and eXpress.


Little Preschool provides purposeful and meaningful experiences to help children develop language skills, acquire concepts, engage in social-emotional interactions and build motor skills. This is achieved through careful observation of the children’s interests, intentions and behaviour. The insights gained by the teachers are then used by the teachers to build lesson plans alongside the curriculum goals.

This process empowers teachers to provide the children with bespoke experiences that expand and deepen their understanding of the concepts taught.


Children are active learners and intrinsically inquisitive.

They are constantly using their 5 senses to learn through exploring, probing, questioning, or relating to experiences to build new knowledge with their peers and teachers. Our programme nurtures this quest for discovery in every child and promotes future independent learning skills.

Our school offers designated spaces for different interest areas, with selected teaching materials to inspire our children’s inquisitiveness and creativity. The children are encouraged to work with recycled items to develop an eco-conscious mindset.

We want our children to explore and engage with the surroundings, and inspire them to learn and develop at their own pace.


We aim to nurture confidence in children to articulate their thoughts and feelings positively and to raise questions. Our program provides opportunities for children to practice listening skills, use good grammar and appropriate language, build on vocabulary and engage in show and tell activities.

The skills learnt built confidence as the children are able to take their learning and put it into words.